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A guide on how to chose the right hair for your perfect look.


Please note that the type of hair used and how it is styled may determine the hair density. For example, wavy and curly hair expands when combed out and appears thicker. Light densities are not advised for straight hair textures as it has less volume and fullness.

To get the most natural look, we suggest you select a density similar to your own.

We recommend and produce wigs for the most natural-looking densities and these are "light hair volume” and “light-medium hair volume” (80%-100%) which are ideal for special occasions.


All our hair extensions and lace are 100% virgin and only come in natural color 1b (off black).


Step 1 - Clip hair up and pin baby hairs away from your face to prevent it from touching the glue.

Step 2 - Carefully cut the lace around the perimeter of the full lace wig system, frontal or closure

Step 3 - Remove excess oil from your hairline (where you want the lace placed) with cotton wool and rubbing alcohol. Repeat this until the skin is clean and feels oil-free.

Step 4 - Apply scalp protector along your hairline. This will act as a barrier between your skin and the adhesive. This mainly favours those who workout or with sensitive skin.

Step 5 - Use a nude lip pencil (that matches your skin tone) to trace dots along your hairline where you want your lace positioned. For best results, make sure there is a 4-finger (horizontal) space from the eyebrows to traced line.

Step 6 - Apply a thin coat of Ultra Hold glue using a small makeup brush or cotton bud/Q tip. Wait until the first coat is dry (approximately 5 minutes) before applying a thin second coat. Wait until the glue feels tacky (can take up to 10 minutes) -this should feel like tape. Do not use a blow-dryer and allow it to dry naturally so it sets properly. If it is still wet, use a small makeup brush to sweep it in a horizontal direction until it's tacky.

Step 7 - Use fingers to accurately position the lace down on the tacky adhesive. Make sure that it is aligned precisely i.e. the middle parting is positioned in the center point of your forehead or the side parting is positioned above the brow arch. Then from one edge to the other, use the flat edge of a comb to firmly press the lace on the scalp until it feels secure.

Step 8 - Apply powder makeup to the parting and edges of lace with a clean makeup brush or cotton bud/Q-tip. This is to add to the illusion of it growing from your scalp.

Please avoid any heat like hair dryers 24 hours after lace application. This is to prevent from lifting.


With different hairstyles out there, hair length charts help users determine if their strands are long enough for their preferred style. Also, hair length charts will let them know how much hair extension they need to complement their natural hair.

Machine Made
For long lasting hair and less shedding and a realistic more natural look.
Be bold and add some color. Transform your wig to meet all occasions.
Make your wig look more natural by customizing it.
Wash & Styling
Revamp your hair and bring it back to life. Treat your hair regularly.